Digital Product Designer

Dallas, Texas, United States


Hello designer!

Do you want to make amazing products?

Do you have the skills to understand the client's business objectives?

Do you have the ability to empathize with people [product users], and figure out what drives and motivates them?

Do you enjoy collaboration with other smart designers, developers, and team members?

Are you good at listening, taking notes and sketching?

Are you able to articulate your design decisions to get buy-in from both the expert and the layperson?

Are you open to feedback and constructive critiques?

Are you willing to compromise with a team or client?

If you answered yes to most of these then we're probably a good fit!

At Dialexa, we design products that people actually like using. From enterprise to consumer-facing. Whether it is a fun social application, utility, life-changing medical monitoring application, or a consumer electronic device, as a product designer, you will agonize over the important details. Ease of use, adoption curve, and aesthetics are your key drivers. Your goal is to create positive experiences while meeting client objectives and timelines. Experience designers play a role throughout the lifecycle of a product’s development. Depending on the product this could include design research, interaction design, visual design, and front-end development.

We have an awesome culture that nurtures creativity and collaboration. We have an amazing office located in Downtown Dallas [with parking], we have an open work environment with adjustable standing desks and large displays. We also have regular team happy hours, quarterly team outings, fresh swag, healthcare benefits, PTO, gym discounts and more.

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Things that will excite you as you design new products and experiences for our clients:


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